About Us

I have always been a very indecisive person and it drives my wife crazy.

 A few years ago my Wife suggested I would make a good Preacher because of my love for God and my love for people. I avoided the subject until one day I was watching one of my favorite Preachers on TV.

 A feeling came over me like I never had before and I knew right then God was calling me to Ministry.

I was studying the word of God when I found a free online college where i was able to receive my diploma in Ministry. From there we formed Gods Calling Ministries to spread the Gospel.

Through every donation made to our Ministry website or by making a gourmet fudge purchase at foreverfudgedude.com you will be helping spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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Online sermons coming soon!

Thank you for your gift to help others


                            Our Mission

Our mission is to feed the need around the United States through hard work and donations from good people like you.

Believe In The Word Of God

Teach Your Children About God

Read Your Bible


                                        Mark Alan Whitney

Helping You become Healthy Wealthy and Wise

Mark Whitney