Is selling on Amazon The Holy Grail Of Riches Or A Financial Fantasy

One of the biggest selling platforms in the world is Amazon dot com. It started out as a small business selling books and has grown into the biggest online selling business platform in the world. With that growth come thousands of online "GURUS" claiming to have the holy grail of making money selling on amazon.

There are countless courses and as many facebook groups luring you into believing that Amazon selling is the answer to your financial prayers. Your brain can explode with the amount of information you have to cram into it to be able to learn all that is involved with selling on amazon.

You have to find a product you want to sell, research it to make sure there is a market for it. When you find one you have to buy a few products to test it to make sure it will sell. Then if it sells you spend a bunch of money on buying the product, boxing it up and sending it into amazon so you can have them sell it and ship it for you(Fulillment By Amazon).

This is where the fun begins because sometimes amazon will flag your product for one reason or another.The stress starts to build up but most of the time with a little research you can get the problem resolved.Sometimes it turns into a nightmare and you have to jump through hoops to get it resolved. This is just one of the many problem that can occur with Amazon selling. Sometimes the test selling will be good but after a few units sell the sales frenzy may drop off and your stuck with a garage full of products you cant give away. It has happened to me and it can happen to you.

If you happen to find a hot product that sells well on amazon then soon other people will jump on the band wagon sometimes including amazon who can buy the product in larger quantities and under cut you. Even if amazon don't compete with you other big businesses may start buying in bulk and under cut you also.

If you have your own product and start selling on amazon you may do very well. Sometimes other companies will copy your product and undercut you on amazon. You can file a claim with amazon and they may stop the company from selling on amazon but soon another company will do the same. It a crazy cycle that happens all the time on amazon.

Then sometimes out of the blue amazon will suspend your product or your account for any number of reasons. There are countless ofhorror stories of people getting their product or account frozen because amazon can do whatever they want at any time because they own your business on amazon not you.

It used to be that amazon was a great place for affiliates to pick a product from amazon, promote it and make a nice income from selling products on amazon. The commission were decent and a good affiliate could make six figures just on amazon alone. Then for some reason(I think it was just plain old greed) they cut their commission rates by 75%. What used to pay 8% now only pays 3% which is a big drop in commissions. Some categories weren't affected so now everyone will flood those categories and spam everyone.

This started the same time the corona virus hit slapping the affiliate in the face at a time when they needed the money most. Many people lost their jobs and with amazon cutting their commissions so much unemployed people couldn't even rely on them to make up for lost wages. Just goes to show you that these big companies don't care about anything but more money.

As a Christian entrepreneur I got fed up with all this big business shenanigans and started working with a small company that cares about us little guys. They have been in offline and online business for years and know what it is like to struggle. They started their own Network Marketing company selling in demand products at unheard of prices. Instead of building up amazons wealth, why not build up YOUR WEALTH.

 They have a 2 step marketing system in place that almost guarantees success. You can get a free ecommerce store stocked with a dozen hot selling products and make up to 50% commission. Thats a whole lot better than the chump change of 1% to 10% you can get at some of these other online platforms. No more having to source products or finding dropshippers or getting your account shut down or your paypal account froze. 

Yes this  happened to us on ebay a couple of times. We sold something on ebay and the item got stuck in West Palm Beach post office for over a week. It was during the holidays and the post office was extremely busy. So instead of the customer contacting us to find out what was wrong they contacted ebay to get a refund. I sent them a tracking number when they bought the item and they could see it was sitting in the post office for a week. Paypal froze our account for 3 days until finally the item was delivered. I think the buyer was trying to get a refund and then get the item also. Take control of your own destiny and don't rely on some big company who only cares about themselves and their share holders.

Thanks for reading and have a super blessed day.

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