The Controversial Christian

The Controversial Christian

Everyone's Life Matters:

I am an Ordained Minister and no not the Five and Dime one that bought a certificate online, no I took an accredited class and got Ordained. After some people read this I will probably be known as a Controversial Christian. I grew up without computers and both my parents worked hard. Our neighborhood was made up of people of all different races and no one ever cried racism. In fact we were the best of friends and when we went to their friends houses we were always welcome. 

We never looked at it as Black and White because our hearts were always in the right place.We never went out looking to start trouble with anyone and as a matter of fact we always had the best of time in the black side of town. There were never any Black people at any of the parties we went to that started any problems because we never let anyone like that into our lives.

We lived in a medium size town and the Police never stopped us or any of our Black friends because of Racial Profiling. Yes I do agree that there are some Police Officers who are Racist but they are far and few in between.

Here we are in 2020 and the world is in more turmoil than it has ever been. People are running around protesting about Black Lives Matter and tearing down statues that have been a part of our culture before they were even born. They are crying racism and saying the Confederate statues and Rebel Flag is Racist. Not only are they protesting but they are using racism as a vehicle to beat up people and loot local businesses.

These are not the mainstream Black hard working Americans, no they are mostly young Black Men and Women and some White kids who want the world handed to them. They say that the world oppressed young black Men but the truth be told they have the same 24 hours as all the rest of us do. They don’t want to work for what they want because that is evident with all the looting during all the Black Lives Matter Rallies.

They idolize Dr. Martin Luther King and I do say his teachings were peaceful. Just like the BLM movement, groups of Militants sprung up because Kings ways of non violence had a lack of substantive progress. These Militant groups resulted in uprisings and riots in the bigger cities and challenged King's peaceful ways of equal rights for Blacks. Just like today's protests things got out of hand and soon even Kings own followers resented his ways and took to destructive ways.

I am sick of seeing and listening to all the Boo Hooers crying about how Black people are discriminated against and the White Man has all the opportunities. There is an old saying, Success is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration. If they were to work as hard on bettering their life as they do protesting about how bad their race has it, a lot of the world's problems would be solved.

It just seems to me that the more technology we get the less common sense we have. People are running around on their phones showing Police brutality videos and yes there is a lot of that going on in the world. White people also get brutalized by the Police but I never hear anything about that.

ANTIFA is sending in Goon squads to cause trouble in otherwise peaceful protests. People are getting fed up with their nonsense and are starting to take a stand against them. They may not realize how mean some people can get but I am sure they will find out the hard way just how aggressive some of us White folks can get.

They say it's about police brutality that started BLM but I think it's just a ploy to get attention. Lets take for instance Bubba Wallace the not so famous Black Race car driver who claimed that someone tied his garage door pull into a noose. After the investigation it was found that the “noose” had been there before he even occupied the garage stall. 

I think it was just a way for him to get recognition because he is not recognized as a good driver yet. They didn't find any evidence about a crime and didn’t find any evidence of a trophy in his garage either. After all this media coverage and the embarrassment, he is still hanging around in the same stall and NASCAR has initiated sensitivity and unconscious bias training for everyone.What about sensitivity for the people who think the southern flag should be part of NASCAR as it has been since the 50s.

Everyone walks on egg shells around people anymore because they are afraid of offending someone. They offended me when they took God and Jesus out of the public.Jesus Christ who stands for truth, love and peace is stripped from the public eye because he might offend someone. Someone who stands for the good in the world is pushed aside to make room for evil.

They Crucified Jesus over 2000 years ago and now they are doing it again by removing him from the public eye where he should be. They wonder why there is so much turmoil in the world, they took out our Lord and Savior that protected us.They took the Bible out of school, but encouraged convicts to read it. Maybe if kids would read the Bible in school we wouldn’t see so many people in the Prison system.

They are even going as far as to say Aunt Jemima, whose name has been around since 1889 is racist. In 1989 they added pearl earrings and a lace collar to her picture to give it a contemporary look.Now that's not good enough because her picture on the pancake box and syrup bottle are considered racist. Same thing with Uncle Ben's rice, Mrs Butterworth's syrup, Cream Of Wheat cereal and even Eskimo Pies. 

Now what are we going to put on our pancakes, BLM syrup. Companies need to stand up for their signature brands and say this enough of your petty cries of racism. They are afraid of losing a dollar when in reality they are hurting their name and will end up losing in the long run. Next thing you know they will be calling cows racist because they have white milk.

 They offend countless people with their cry baby antics about how anything that they feel is racist should be removed from the public.They think if someone doesn't like them they can make them with protesting and looting. If someone doesn't like you or your color maybe you should try the Gospel of Jesus to reach them.

This country was founded by God fearing men and If someone dont like you, protesting, looting,tearing down statues and burning buildings isn’t going to make them like you. All it is going to do is make them hate you more. Your logic about forcing your beliefs on them isn’t going to change the way they feel.

Black people are not the only people who are discriminated against by the police. All races are discriminated against by a select few Police. There are good cops and bad ones and you will have that no matter where you go.It should be all lives matter not just black lives. Nobody is any better than anyone else when it comes to the right to live.White people are shot by the cops everyday but we never hear anything about that only if someone Black gets shot.

So there we have it ,my take on why everyone counts and not just Black people. Not everyone will agree with my ranting and that's fine because I don’t agree with everyones ranting either. That is why God created us all equal and gave us our own opinions. The world needs more Jesus to help put it back on track.We as Christians need to come together and spread our message around the world to let them know that all lives matter.

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