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I am sure you have ran across this many times on the internet, especially when your looking to make money online. These GURUS make it look so easy to make money and my question is if they were making so much money why would they sell their information and open the door to competition. Sure some may be making money but most of them spent a lot of years trying to make money and failed miserably.

Now all these years later they have "cracked the code" and want to share it with you. Do you know how they made money? From hard work and getting trained in their field. Yes training is essential for success but not from someone who is blowing smoke telling you they want to help you short cut the system with their course.

I don't care how smart you are or how great their course is, a $3,000 course won't make you successful any faster than a $100 book or inexpensive video course on how to do something. It takes time and hard work to make you and your business successful and all the high priced hand holding courses in the world are not going to change that.

I see it everyday on the internet about some new fangled course that is going to show you how to catch a skunk without getting sprayed. The course is just like the skunk itself, it stinks. The webinars they use to sell you are just hyped up stories about how many places they have traveled and how much money the people who are buying their courses are making.

They paint pictures of you playing in a pile of money and the fun never ends if you buy their course. Most people who join these courses never make a dime and if they do offer a refund they string you along until the refund time runs out. Some even sneak in a monthly fee for ongoing training that you get surprised with on month 2. 

Yes I agree some people never take action on what they learn but paying 3k or more for a training course plus ongoing monthly training at a fee had better provide some results even for a couch potato. I have never paid any more than a few dollars for great training but I never took action and that is why I never made any money. Now that I am taking action and applying what I learned, things turned around.

Don't be sucked in by all the hype of internet riches by people who just want to make a fast buck from you. I am not saying that the products or services I suggest are the greatest things since sliced bread but if you apply what you learn ,you will be more successful and have more money in your pocket. 

Do you know one reason why you get sucked into the vacuum of buying these products on the internet. When you do a search for something on the internet big brother is tracking you. As soon as you put in a search all those little Gremlins are tracking your every move and put ads in front of you to get you to buy. These Gremlins also sell your information to companies who bombard you with ads and try to trick you into buying their junk.

They word these ads in such a way that it makes you want what they have. They use psychology against you because if the ads didn't produce many results the advertiser would not spend any money on ads. So they sell courses to the advertisers to help them make better ads so the advertisers can spend money on their ads to get your money. Its a vicious cycle that cons you out of your money with promises of riches. 

Don't fall for it any more because there is no such thing as get rich quick. Us logic and get the training you need to be successful without having to sell your body parts to finance training. We have some training that will help you have success if you follow it and you won't have to spend a fortune. I am tired of people getting ripped off by shysters who only want money and nothing else. Help people first then the money will come. 

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