Why MLM Network Marketing Is The New Old Home Business

MLM or Network Marketing as it is also know as, is starting to lift eyebrows in the small home business community.The small business community is getting squeezed out by the Covid 19 pandemic and more and more brick and mortor business owners are closing their doors. Government regulations are favoring big stores like Walmart and online stores like Amazon and stepping on the toes of the small business owner.

 The little guy is having to close their doors or limit how many people can be in their establishment at a time. A perfect example of this would the store Five Below. Yesterday when my Wife and I were out shopping and the store was packed with people and nobody was practicing social distancing. So it is ok for the big box stores to jam people in, but not ok for Mom and Pop to be open and have customers.

So now the small business community needs to get together and network with one another. We can compete with the giants online and make a difference among one another. This world was built on the backs of small business owners and its time we showed the world who we are. Why stand by and let the giants take over our dreams when we have the ability to help one another and not have to feed the Fat Cats of Wall Street.

Now the small business community can come together and start working from home or down size our current business building and work more online. If big brother wants us to only congregate in small groups then what better way than to work the magic of Network Marketing. If we must work from home then why not make ourselves rich through sharing products and services with each other. Share you passion with your family, friends and neighbors to build up the small businesses of the world and take our rightful place in the business world.

I am tired of seeing all the hard work us small business owners are putting into our dream only to have it squashed by selfish Grinches who only care about the all mighty dollar instead of people. So if we have to work from home why not join a Network Marketing company and make our own destiny.

 There are a lot of good MLM companies out there and as a business owners with experience we could explode this industry wide open. MLM has a bad rap with people because of the high prices and the recruit, recruit, recruit mentality. There are a few select companies that have good training and don't just focus on recruiting.

Yes I have a company in mind when I say we need to work Network Marketing, but you can pick what ever one who like. The one I suggest I have thoroughly researched and know for a fact it is good. They have about a dozen hot selling products that people want. Their compensation plan is out of this world and the prices are so low even Scrooge would approve.

Now it is time to get back to basics and do business like our fore fathers did. Have small groups of friends and network with one another. We all have business experience and most of us have worked online so we should be able to build businesses for ourselves. We can get together and support one another with all the training experience and resources we have combined.

We need to stop being reliant on The Governments, Walmarts and Amazons of the word. Combined together we are bigger than any Billion dollar company or any corrupt Government that only has their own agenda in mind. God owns this world and We The People were put in charge of running it for Him. Let us band together as Brothers and Sisters and change the world through network marketing. There are network marketing companies and home business that have all the products and services we need to live.

If you are with us then join the 5-5-5 club and see what we are doing to change the world.

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