When I Say Network Marketing What Do You Think Of

If you ask 10 people what they think about network marketing you will get 10 different answers.Most people think scam or a garage full of high priced products they can't sell. Your friends and family will hide from you because you try to push products on them. If you have the right training and the right products having a network marketing business can be very lucrative. Most people who join a network marketing don't have any skills and fail miserably. That is one reason network marketing gets such a bad name. The other  reasons are most of us see dollar signs, don't join the right company and it is a business and needs to be treated like one

Read this article if you are you trying to start a home based online business or your currently an online Entrepreneur but don’t know which way to turn. The online world is filled with deception and everyone trying to sell you their product. So being a Christian Minister and not wanting to try to make a fortune off of people who are looking for a way to make money, I thought it’s about time to help.

The trouble with everyone today is they put money ahead of helping people. Some may make a little bit of money but in the end they struggle just like most of us do. They are so busy promoting high priced low value products that they think are going to make them rich. The only ones getting rich are the so called GURUS who make the product.

If you really want to be successful why not take the time and think about people and what would help them. I know all the high priced marketing products tell you to only promote something high priced. Most of the high priced products and services are not even as good as a less expensive under the radar product.

The price of advertising is high but if you know some of the secrets to cheap and free advertising, you can make a lot of money by helping more people with a lower priced higher quality product.

You need to have a system in place and a good product line to promote.The big hub bub on the internet now is marketing funnels. They start at $100 a month and don’t even come close to a home made funnel you can make yourself for a fraction of that. A lot of the ones I see are way over priced and are not really that good of quality.

I found a marketing funnel system that has an autoresponder, lead capture pages, web form so you can use it on your own website and you can even edit the buttons look and have it redirect to the page of your choice once your prospect subscribes. Offer something for free to get their email and then when they subscribe you can send them directly to an offer or a thank you page. I highly suggest you send them to a thank you page. Thank them for signing up and explain why they will benefit from your free offer. Put a link on the page to take them to an offer you are promoting (something inexpensive)

You can also set up your own website with wordpress and make your own funnel. The possibilities are endless and you can even get hosting and wordpress websites for a real low price. All the affiliates I know try to send you to a high priced web host for the big money. I only know of 1 that is high quality and low priced.

Always set up a lead capture page and collect peoples email address. I found out the hard way that if you try to sell off your website your sales will be flat. Add your name and email below to get your free system. You will also be entered into a monthly drawing for a free product from our ecommerce store. 

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