Addiction and Substance Abuse
Addiction and Substance Abuse

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Better living through chemicals is the way Leah put it one day at an AA meeting about addiction and substance abuse. I had known her for some time and she always had something interesting to say about addiction because she was a Doctor and a recovering alcoholic. I had dated her daughter for a time back years ago and got to know her good enough to carry on a conversation about addiction and substance abuse.

I remember one story about her and her X husband sitting around with a bag of marijuana but nothing to smoke it out of. Her husband came up with an apple and carved out a place to put the marijuana and a small hole to draw the smoke from. She said they used toilet paper rolls, made water pipes out of whatever they could find, basically anything to get that high. That was 30+ years ago and I still think about what she said about addiction and substance abuse.

I decided to write a book about addiction and substance abuse and thought long and hard about a name. After much debate I came up with The Stairway To Addiction. Going up and down the stairway to addiction and substance is something I experienced and beat first hand. If you are struggling with addiction the first step I suggest is to change your environment. Get different friends, stop hanging around in bars and get away from negative people who just bring you down. Below I included a couple of chapters of The Stairway to Addiction for you to read. If you like what you read I will leave a link to my Amazon page where you can pick up a copy for 99 cents. Hurry because I am going to raise the price soon!

The Stairway to Addiction

A journey from alcoholic to entrepreneur and Author People want a magic fix to their problems but they don’t want to believe in magic. Preface. I want to dedicate this book to my Dad and my Wife Sherry. I should have taken some of the advice my Dad gave me when I was young. He was a very smart man and did manage to stop drinking in the later years of his life. He missed out on so much by being in the fog. To my wife who without you I would still be lying in the gutter somewhere.

If this book helps just 1 person out of the fog of alcohol, drugs and tobacco use it was worth the time and money I spent to write it. Addiction is a serious disease that fills our society with good people who have a problem with addiction and need someone to help them out of their Fog. This book is a journey from being a hard core alcohol, drug and tobacco user to a productive clean and sober entrepreneur . If you have trouble with alcohol or drugs or you know someone who does, give this book a read and give it to them to read. It may just change your life.

Just ask any of the people I worked with years ago and they will tell you if anyone was an expert on drinking I would win hands down. I was also told once if I ever wrote a book on drinking it would be a bestseller. I am not really sure about it being a bestseller but when it came to drinking beer they should have put my picture on a can of Budweiser. I was going to sue Anheuser Busch at one time for making me sleep with questionable Women. If I would have been sober it never would have happened. Here is a story about an adventure of being a hard core alcoholic.

Hello my name is Mark and I am an alcoholic, I said in a loud voice to hide my nervousness. It took me a long time to get the nerve up to get in front of these people and say this. I just wanted to put on a good front so if my probation officer asked anyone if I participated they would say yes. These AA meetings were a requirement of the court to keep me out of jail and that is the only reason I was here. Evidently 2 DUI’s did not sink the message in my head that I had a problem.

I did not need these meetings, I thought they were for drunks only. People came up to me at AA and introduced themselves, but I was too involved in denial and just withdrew from them. Little did I know that these people were in the same position I was in at one time and just wanted to help me. A drink in one hand, a cigarette in the other, a bowl or two of marijuana and a few lines of coke was the way I spent every night after work. I didn’t care what people thought about me, I wanted to drink until I could not walk anymore to numb the pain of losing my wife and kids.

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I had a drinking problem alright, 2 hands and 1 mouth. There just never seemed to be enough alcohol and drugs to satisfy my hunger for a high. Smoking cigarettes seemed to go right along with drinking and drugs. Until you hit rock bottom, you are in denial and never admit to yourself you have a problem. AA is one of the places to start your road to sobriety. After the second dui they sent me to a psychotherapist to see what the deep root of my problem was. At the time the only problem I had was these people trying to pry information out of me. I really did not think it was any of their business what my life was like before alcohol. I just told him what he wanted to hear in order to pacify the court system.

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