Do 1 Thing and Do It Well

Do 1 thing and do it well!

I have been on this earth for 62 years, done it all, seen it all, have t-shirts and videos. I consider myself a Jack of all Trades AKA a Dabbler. During those years I have been in dozens of MLM companies and the result, Have little to show for my efforts.

Efforts is really a loose term considering I really never tried real hard to make any one of them work. a few made me  a little money but I was too busy chasing the shiny object dream to ever stick with one thing. Are you a Dabble type of person who just jumps from one thing to another especially when it comes to business opportunities.

MLM business opportunities are just that, an opportunity to make money from a business. That is what it is in a nut shell, a BUSINESS and needs to be treated like one. So why is there such a high failure rate in the Network Marketing Industry.

Lets break down Network Marketing just a bit and see what the problem is with so many people not making any money or very little for their efforts. First and foremost it is a BUSINESS and needs some sort of training because face it most of us are really not trained in marketing and fall flat on our face when we try.

Most MLM companies tell you to start with your family and friends first which is a good approach. The problem is after you exhaust your warm market what is the next step. Most sponsors in MLM really have no idea how to be leaders and guide their people to success. The average MLMer will recruit 3 people, usually someone they know and give up because they are out of options.

What the MLM platform needs is more leaders who can train other leaders who can train other leaders to make sure the MLM community gets better training. If you join a company that has dozens of products and try to promote them all you are shooting yourself in the foot. Pick one product, promote the fire out of it and then when its successful, go on to another one.

One other trouble I see is a lot of the products are over priced products that are hard to justify such a high price especially if you are new to the business. What you need is an MLM company that has great products at a great price and training to practically assure your success. In all my years in MLM I have yet to find one until now. A company with a dozen high demand products at unheard of prices in the MLM industry.

Thanks for reading.

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