The Controversial Christian
The Controversial Christian
This is a new book we are writing about a controversial Christian character and wanted to get an idea of what everyone thought. We had hired a collaborator on fiverr to help with the creative process but a couple of days after we paid her, our money was refunded our money and she disappeared from the fiverr platform. This threw up a red flag with us so we decided to write a short intro about our book to keep someone from trying to steal our idea. This way if someone does come out with the same title, we will know they were on fiverr to steal peoples ideas and capitalize on someone's hard work.

If you are reading this, I want to give you a warning about predators online who will befriend you just to draw out the knowledge that your have. The internet was a great idea and can be a very useful tool to help you get your message out to the world. The last thing you need is a leach trying to suck the life out of you and use you for their own personal gain. Once they drain you of your resources, they move on to someone else and start their cycle all over again. 

We were just so excited about our new idea we didn't do our research and check the collaborator out to make sure they were qualified to do the research and work we hired them to do. I hate to say this but my wife was right again saying we should do our own research and write the book ourselves. So now that I got this off my chest it is time to give you a sample of our new book.

The Controversial Christian By Mark & Sherry Whitney

Matthews first recollection of life was at around 5 years old when he met Rebecca at church. It was love at first sight for him and Rebecca felt the same even though she hid the fact at first. Matthews dad Mark is a Baptist Preacher and his mom Sarah is a devout Christian who is firm but fair. Mark is a tall stocky handsome man who loves Jesus and food, while Sarah is a petite attractive woman who loves Jesus, Mark, her children and being a house wife.

Matthew has one younger sister Mary who is 2 years younger than him and gets spoiled because she is the baby of the family. They live in a small country town in Tennessee just outside of Knoxville TN. Their house is a large old farm house on 100 acres, built in the 1800s by Matthews grandfather and grandmother. Matthews uncle Daniel and his wife Elizabeth live next door in a guest house on the family property.  

The whole community is a close knit family made up of relatives and friends who have lived there for generations. Mark is the community Preacher who is loved by all who know him and would do anything for anyone. His Sunday service is the highlight of the community with his words of wisdom about Jesus barking out love and peace. To be continued. Leave you comments below and let us know your thoughts on this book.