Slavery Racism and entitlement and are people today really looking for a handout

If you ask 100 people about racism and slavery you will get 200 answers. As I watch the news and read articles on the internet I begin to see something that others may also see. The current generation and the current political clown college seem to be looking for a hand out. They seem to think that they should be paid for what their ancestor went through 200 years ago. Fact is only about 5% of the current population have any connection with slavery back then.

The problem that is really going on is people today don't want to work and have an entitlement attitude. They think the Government should take care of them while they sit and play xbox. I saw an interview where the woman said and this was a black woman, black people were doing better until the 1965 when the Government passed the welfare reform. They could get a check without working so they started staying home and having babies.

This is also true with whites so I am not singling out blacks. If people can stay home and get a check why would they want to work or advance their education. The Government is just feeding their laziness and encouraging others not to work for what they have.

Something I saw on the tv also has me questioning how sane some people really are. Bill Gates one of the richest people in the world has backed a movement that thinks math is racist. Yes that is something someone came up with because if someone cant figure out a problem it is offensive to them. If they can't figure out a problem then they either need to move to the next one or get to a level that suits their intelligence. Bill Gates i a smart man but evidently all that money made him stupid. What an absurd thought to think about math.Yes Ron White was right when he said you can't fix stupid.

Everyone who think things are not  going the way they want they pull the race card. They keep trying to push their issues that they think is important but most of them are non sense. A perfect example is a College in Mass. called Jesuit Catholic school. The college is 96% white and 4% black which you know creates a proble in the first place.

They put up signs about BLM and promote black issues and think everything will be a bed of roses. Let me clue you in on something, if you throw a lamb into a lion cage what do you think will happen. Then they wonder why there is racism when they put blacks in a mostly white school. It don't take a rocket scientist to figure out the end outcome. The white people there feel invaded and I am sure the black student are a little on the i'm entitled attitude.

Racism in my opinion is not cause by white people but by blacks and minorities trying to force their issues on white people. I see it all the time on tv about black colleges so what is so wrong with a black person going to a black college. Do you think a white person would be harassed at a all black college? You bet your bottom dollar they would so why would you think it would be any different the other way around. 

Start using common sense when you are trying to make a melting pot at a school that is mostly white. Not everyone is racist but the few that are make the ones who are not look bad. Not only that but groups of the same tend to follow the same and that is where the problem starts. You start forced racial acceptance on people who don't care about it then you are the ones starting racism and not the ones who you claim are racist.

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