Why it is a good idea to buy American Made products

Why now is a good time to buy American made products. For years our brains have been engrained with the buy cheap products from China and other foreign countries. It was not so long ago that the United States was a thriving country with great companies and superior products. Then it seems the Government thought it would be a great idea to open up free trade and flood our country with foreign goods. 

Call me crazy but I think it had a lot to do with Politicians owning stock in big corporations and wanting to squeeze every nickel of profit out of their stock ownership. Instead of helping the American dream for millions of hard working people in the USA, they lifted import taxes so big conglomerates could send goods to the US and under cut American prices. They forced small business to buy products from overseas or go out of business.

They sent all our manufacturing over seas to trade big profits for cheap labor and inferior products. It started showing up soon in the quality of the products we use and all the dangerous chemicals they use over seas. There is no laws in place over seas to prevent this from happening and the by product is unsafe consumer goods.

Now the whole world is suffering from unchecked safety issues because the Covid 19 virus and countless other diseases are costs of doing business with countries that has no safety measures in place. People have been hypnotized by the establishment into saving a buck rather than supporting their neighbors who are the ones that truly support them.

Everyone is led to believe that we are in a global society and we need to spread our wealth around the world. The problem is the wealth is going to line the pockets of fat cats and not the intended target. As we watch the news we see the shortage of products in the world because they want to cause a sense of urgency. They want to cause panic especially the media making us believe all this shortage stuff.

They show pictures of ships sitting in the harbors waiting to be unloaded so we can get the products we need. Here is a thought, instead of waiting for the junk and tainted products from overseas lets start building and buying American made products. If we all pool our money together and make quality low cost high quality goods right here in America, we wont need all that junk from China making the fat cats rich at the expense of our health.

Now is the time to join together America and put color and race behind us and build this country back to being great again. We can be independent once again like I remember back in the 60s. Shortage and panic is a man made illusion that divides us and makes us weak and that is why they do it. They want to keep all the money for themselves and don't care about us. We need to care about us and start doing the things that make us stand together and take back our country. Contact me and lets get this Made In America ball rolling. Visit our website and get my contact information.

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