They are taking our freedom

They are trying to take our freedom

Think about this for a minute if you will and I promise you the light will start to shine. Years ago only 1 spouse worked 40 hours a week and people lived just fine. Now even with both spouses working full time people are still struggling to make ends meet. More seniors are going bankrupt than anytime in history and 75% of American parents are supporting adult children. 20% of Americans have more credit card debt than savings and drug abuse is at an all time high thus lowering the life expectancy in Americans.

I am a man of God and what is going on in this country lately has me wondering just what kind of people do we have running these cities where all these protests and riots are going on. 

The younger generation is flocking to extreme politics and most of the time it results in excess violence. Just look at all the protests that are turning to riots with looting and murder. They use the killing of a Black man by a white police officer as an excuse for violence. We are supposed to be in the best economic growth in years yet all this civil unrest is happening.

They are taking down statues that offend them because of something that happened 150 years ago. Now they want to defund the police and give the money to the communities. This is a recipe for disaster with no police to protect the American citizens. Government officials are rolling with the flow instead of saying this is enough nonsense. You can’t erase the past because you will have no future.

Wages have been at a stand still for the last 40 years while the top 1% got richer. Health care and housing costs have sky rocketed. Our Government officials have made bad trade deals that have caused millions of jobs to be transferred overseas.People are just walking around angry and the media is just fueling the fire more, no doubt backed by the powers that be.

Money stopped flowing to jobs like factories and farming and started flowing to Wall Street Fat Cats. This started in 1971 when the US went off the gold standard and resorted to Fiat money. This was no accident that our money flowed overseas and Giant near Monopolies have wiped out the small business in the world. Our major export used to be steel and now it has been replaced by money and our jobs being the biggest export. Billions of dollars and all our brightest innovations are being sent all over the globe.

This was done so that we could all be placed in a credit based economy. Without gold restraining them from printing money,the Government produced an unlimited amount of credit and funneled all our money to wall street. Wall Street in turn bought up American Corporations and sent the jobs overseas to cheap labor so they could produce short term profits.

Now thanks to Government mismanagement and bad trade deals we are now in debt to the tune of 75 Trillion Dollars. 75,000,000,000,000. 75 % of our money is overseas in other countries being enjoyed by the elite fat cats instead of the American people who should be enjoying it.

We worked hard to build this country and now the politicians are running it into the ground. They are fueling unrest in this country to cover up their mismanagement of our money. They are taking God out of the public and replacing him with Satin. We need to take back our country and put God back into the public. They don’t want this because they know he is the only one who can stop this and bring the world to order again.

We are all running around wearing masks and sanitizing our hands to fight an enemy we can’t even see. The media is showing us everyday how many cases of covid 19 are new so we need to stay home, stress out and eat more so we get fat and have to buy their medicine to fight Diabetes and high blood pressure. Millions of people are out of work and struggling to make ends meet while the elite are cashing in on everyones pain and suffering.

I cant say for sure if the corona virus has been unleashed on the world on purpose but all the signs are pointing to it. Might just be a ploy to get rid of the weak and fragile people of the world and hurt the world economy so only the strong big corporations survive so they have more control over people. From what I see they are purposely causing panic among the younger generation of influential kids to get them out in public to spread this virus around the world quickly.

There is only 1 person who can save us and its someone that cant be seen. A virus we cant see can only be controlled by someone we cant see. Yes I am talking about Jesus Christ himself. We all need to confess our sins to Jesus and Repent so Jesus can take over and calm the Seas and take care of the sickness. Read your Bible instead of propaganda messages that just cause racial tensions in the world.

The people who are crying wolf are the ones who are causing the racial tensions in the world. They claim the white man is racist and protest with racial hatred, violence and murder. So the people who are crying racism are the ones who are racist.

Stop blaming President Trump for racism and all the havoc in the world that was caused before his time.Quit playing Black against White and start coming together as Gods children. Just because a few bad apples are causing problems don't mean we all need to suffer. Wake up people before it is too late and we are under a Socialist rule.

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