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What's in a name

With all the debate over racism in names of products and other things I thought I would write a little blog post about what's in a name. The studying of names actually has a word for it and it's called Onomastics. The Meaning behind someone’s name is referred to as Etymology.

Let's get a little into the names that some people claim are racist and see just what's going on. The name Chink and Gook is associated with Oriental people, Beaner and Spick is associated with Hispanic People, White people are Crackers and Honkey's and Irish people were Micks and Paddys and Middle Eastern people are Camel Jockeys and Towel heads. There are many more but I wanted to cover just a few for now.

Black people seem to have the most derogatory names of all the races. Names like Boomba, Coon,Jigaboo and dozens more. But the one word that would make any Black person wince at just the thought of it is Nigger. Its a Slang word and extremely offensive. 

A contemptuous term used to refer to a person of any racial or ethnic origin regarded as contemptible, inferior, ignorant, etc. A person who is economically, politically, or socially disenfranchised:

It is very offensive to Black people event though they use it when the talk to each other and a lot of Rap albums use the term quite often.

The name Aunt Jemima was first introduced in 1889 some 25 years after the Civil War ended. The Aunt Jemima character was depicted as an overweight jolly Southern Mammy Type woman based on a Vaudeville Parody. 

While the Mammy type character is rooted from southern plantations the character was actually taken from lithograph posters seen at a Vaudeville house in Missouri. Aunt Jemima was never a real character, but a character used to better market a product.Over the years the Aunt Jemima characters have made millions of dollars and the brand itself is worth many more millions.

As a business man myself I can’t for the life of me figure out why a company would cut their throats and bow down to a movement that probably doesn't even buy their product anyways. They stand to lose millions of dollars and countless customers all because a few people are offended.Even the relatives of the Aunt Jemima characters are outraged.

The Country group The Dixie Chicks are dropping the Dixie name and are known as The Chicks, Mrs Buttersworth is changing it name as is Uncle Bens rice, Eskimo Pie and even L'oreal is removing insensitive phrases, like and I quote"Fair" "Light" and "Whitening" from their brand. People these days need to get a backbone and stick up for their historical brands. I'm sorry but this cry baby stuff is going way to far and needs to end. If they are so offended then buy something else and move to a remote island where they wont see this stuff.

The same thing is happening in sports, where a small % of the population are taking a knee for the flag instead of standing and saluting it. A lot of people died for that flag so your cry baby butt could be free. Nascar did away with the Rebel flag which was a symbol for racing fans everywhere. Some people say the flag represents Racism, but it represents a way of life in the South.

Slavery hasn’t been around for 150 years but all of a sudden the flag stands for hatred. A person's color has nothing to do with them not liking you, they don’t like you because you're a cry baby looking for a free hand out. They are now saying that the White people owe them because their ancestors were slaves. Thats like saying Budweiser owes Rednecks because their beer caused them to sleep with ugly women.

Now the names of our past presidents are under fire because they owned slaves 250 years ago.Back 250 years a lot of people owned slaves and most slave owners treated their slaves very well. Now all of a sudden it's an issue and their statues should be taken down. Do you know those Federal Reserve Notes, you know the legal tender that you use everyday to buy stuff with. The ones with all those Racist Dead presidents that you have in your pocket.

Here's an idea, why don’t you take those notes that are offensive to you and head to your nearest airport and buy a 1 way ticket to another country. If you have any of those Racist notes left, turn them in to your new country's currency exchange. Now you won't have to ever worry again about seeing anything racist in the United States.

I am all for people being equal and I don’t hate anyone but we are sick of people crying Racism all the time about everything. Give it a rest because most of the world is not out to get Black people. If you spent more time praying and getting to know Jesus Christ and spent time raising money to feed the hungry and under privileged instead of making it all about Black people,maybe the world would be a better place. Hunger is a bigger problem than racism, poverty is a bigger problem than racism. Not all Southern Rebels hate Black people, the Police and the world isn’t out to get you either. There are just as many White people being discriminated against as Black people. Some Police Officers single out Blacks because stats show they commit the most crime.

If you want to improve your life go to college, in fact here is a Christian College where you can get an Associates and a Bachelors Degree for a 99% discount. http://www.christianleadersinstitute.org Anybody can afford to get an education and you won’t have to pay back a big student loan.

So instead of worrying that someone is Racist against you, go out and do something with your life instead of tearing down statues and blocking traffic. All you are is puppets for a few groups who are getting rich off you. You may think that your fighting for a cause but all your doing is making some Fat Cat laugh about how stupid you are and how much money they are making off of you. Wake up before it is too late. 

You are the young generation of Black people and I am praying that Jesus Christ touches your heart.Get off your phones and talk to other people who you think may hate you. You may be surprised at how many people are actually nice. Make it about Grace instead of Race.You should be proud of all those statues because they show a time in history that you were slaves and now you're free. You can’t make the past go away but you can learn from it. So quit trying to erase it.

People are trying to erase the history of Jesus Christ from the world saying he isn't real and we should not worship him. How can you follow someone you cant see they say. You can't see covid 19 but it can make you sick and you could die.They usually have a dark motive behind their agenda because they want you to follow their beliefs. I will put my trust in Jesus Christ and pray that he keeps me safe.

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