Your Not Entitled

Your Not Entitled

With all the controversy in the world about how  people are racist I thought it's about time someone spoke out for the people. Black is everywhere in the news as is being Gay and Transgender. Everyone that's DIFFERENT has fought for their rights and has made a lot of progress.


As I research about Homosexual behavior I ran across interesting articles. In the old testament Homosexuality is a sin and should be punished by death and slavery is acceptable also. Some modern day people think Homosexual behavior is acceptable but most people agree it is a sin. Everyone agrees that slavery should not be practiced.


Homosexual behavior was punishable by law as far back as 2003 when he Supreme court struck down Sodomy laws in the state of Texas. I think some people that were law makers practiced Homosexual behavior and pushed these laws through.


I have worked with Gay and Transgender people and I do not hate them and neither should anyone else. We are all Gods creatures and should all be treated equally. They are the ones that have to answer to God and if they repent he will forgive them.


Gay marriage is legal in some states and there is even bathrooms designed for whatever gender people identify as. I have a big lower lip and was called JJ (From Good Times) when I was younger but I still identify as White. The world is going crazy today and I believe Jesus is coming back soon.


From what I can digress from the BLM movement is Black people want no Policing and want us White people to pay them for what happened over 100 years ago.


Sounds to me they are looking for a hand out without having to work for what they want. They think because what our ancestors did to their ancestors that we have to pay for that now, they are out of their mind.I see them on youtube with their guns saying us White people better give them land of their own or else.


 They just better hope the Military don't get involved and put an end to their little group of tough guys.If they keep up the looting,threatening and beating up White people it won't be long the sleeping giant will awake and put an end to your nonsense.


Newsflash people: all races have been enslaved throughout history not just Blacks. We all go through trials and tribulations in our lives not just Black people.


People better Repent and ask the Lord for forgiveness. Do you want to bask in the warmth of Paradise or burn in the fires of Hell.


We all need to come together as one human race and drop the entitlement attitude. If you want to do something for your group why not end world hunger or find a cure for Cancer. All this fussing and fighting is just going to make people resent you and in the end you will lose.

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