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Our Vision

We seek unity in essential beliefs

Through the word of God we want to bring all of his children together to live in peace and harmony. The world is becoming a dangerous and scary place to live.

Through the power of prayer and following the teachings of the Bible we can overcome all the worlds short comings and live more fulfilling life.

We value liberty in non-essential beliefs

Every Man, Woman and Child have the right to liberty and to chose what religion they believe in. We preach the Christian faith and in our hearts believe that the Christian way of life is the best path for us.

There are many religions in the world and they all have the belief that Peace, Harmony and Love should be spread around. Let us join together and make this world a better and safer place to live and raise our children.

We pursue love in all things

Truth, Peace and Love is the words Jesus Christ instilled in all who followed him. Politics and the Devil is trying to keep the word of God out of the public eye. We can't tolerate this injustice any more and we as God fearing people need to take a stand and let our voices be heard.

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