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If you Own a Ministry or have a business ,Marketing is something you need to survive. I know there is a million places on the internet that promise you the best marketing platform, but at what price. If you are like me and tried them all, you know that there is a lot of scams out there. Promises of overnight riches to poor customer service after the sale are just some of the heartaches we have to deal with. So I did all the hard work and found a few places where you can get top marketing and not get scammed.

My#1 Pick for a marketing platform Is GMP: They have one of the best and low priced marketing platforms on the internet. This is an under the radar company that has been around for a few years and just upgraded their system to make it more efficient and powerful. They have an unlimited autoresponder, banner maker, advertising sources, Facebook advertising training and much more.Sign up for free and then you can upgrade to a paid subscription for more features. Chose from a monthly,yearly or a lifetime subscription.They are based in America. Visit Them Here

 We have a company that we are using to build our Christian Ministry while helping others achieve their dreams. They have an ecommerce site where you can sell items at wholesale and still be way below everyone else and make up to 50% profit. You can also help others to do the same.You don't have to stock products. They sell American Made CBD Products

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If you are looking for a mattress, we have found a great company here in America that has a great product at a great price. The mattresses are made for all sleeper types and they have a risk free sleep trial. They also have bedding, bases, pet beds and rugs.

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We have found a USA based company that sells therapy magnets. If you have aches and pains magnets may help.

Visit Them Here

One advertising medium that we have found that works good is solo ads. If you do a search for solo ads you will get a million results and they all have high solo ad costs. It costs a lot of money to get ranked high in the search engines or it takes a lot of time so the better quality under the radar ones that spend money on improving instead of advertising are hidden. In our search on the internet we have found 2 that work well and are extremely low cost.

Visit the first one here> Solo ads

The second one can be found here> 
Solo ads2

Promote your online business and only pay when you get a sale. Visit This Link

Headlines are the most important part of any advertising campaign.

Click Here for a list of 21 headline analyzers.

Check back often as we search for more American based businesses that keep our money in the USA. We also look for small businesses in the world that make a difference for the people.